In 2005 Toyota released their lineup of Tacoma Trucks with a new body design which included an all new composite plastic bed. Historically, every rack we had built up to this point mounted to a steel bed rail so we had to create a design that would work in conjunction with this composite material.
We quickly developed a unit that utilizes the factory bed bolts that attach the bed to the frame and at the rear, captures the steel tail light stanchion. Our unique design is one-of-a-kind and easily the strongest solution for these great trucks.

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  1. Make and Model Specific Racks are CUSTOM BUILT for each model of 2005-Current Toyota Tacoma.
  2. Burly Schedule 10 Steel Pipe Construction – With a .120 wall, is the STRONGEST and most durable material used in production manufacturing of truck racks.
  3. Full-length formed angle iron mounting provides unmatched structural support and helps distribute weight evenly on your truck’s bedrail.
  4. Front attachment is made via Toyota’s factory bed bolts that are attached to the frame.
  5. Rear mounting utilizes the tail light stanchion, the only steel structure on the bed.
  6. Removable rear bar equipped with quick release “D-Clip” pins allows flexibility handling for taller loads.
  7. 4th Adjustable clamp-on cross bar comes stock with each rack.
  8. Rope Hooks allow for quick and easy tie downs.
  9. Gussets at the cross bars and overhand provide maximum structural integrity.
  10. “Candy Cane” loop design at the rear provides style to your rack.
  11. Rack finished with an Industrial-Grade Textured Black Powder Coat finish.
  12. Entire rack is packaged securely in one box system and includes all hardware to assemble the rack.
  13. Unlike many of our competitors, we’re PROUDLY BUILT IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Rack-it HD Rack specifically designed for the composite bed on the Toyota Tacoma. Gary Kank, Sales Manager of Rack-it Truck Racks, shows us the design and strength of the Rack-it design to create a HD rack system for a truck bed made of composite materials.

Robert Matzig, Production Manager for Rack-it and SureFit Truck Racks, gives us a demonstration of how to install the Rack-it and SureFit Truck Rack on the composite bed Toyota Tacoma pickup. Since this is a unique product and the installation is somewhat different than a steel bed pickup, this video should be informative and also show that this procedure is pretty easy as well.


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